Intuitive apps for social media managers.

InstaLand is a suite of convenient, well designed tools to help social media managers grow their presence online and increase user engagement.

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The effective tool to get more content and promotions to your followers with as little hassle for them as possible.

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Share lots of content and resources with your followers on your brand's page, which you can link to in your bio.

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Create a page with links to all of your social media accounts, and share the link to invite people to add you across all platforms.

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Our Team

Meet the makers behind the InstaLand products and apps, who spend their time coding and hacking together.

Bailey Pumfleet

FrontEnd Developer

Bailey does website design and manages web, email, cloud and dedicated hosting. He is a keen developer and always loves to try new things.

Ben Potter

Backend Developer

Ben runs the @coding page on Instagram and is a social media marketer, as well as being a developer mainly for web.